Bringing vitality
& balance
back to your lagoons

Lagoon Maintenance & Restoration

Proven Solution


Our patented process has over 15 years of validated results.

Application Point:
The only product that can be applied as far as 5 miles away from the beginning of the lagoon system.

Pre-Treatment Programs:
For line maintenance and lift stations our program will help with pre-treatment, and in some cases, will eliminate the need for expensive processes/equipment (i.e. dredging, relining of lagoon, aerators, and chemicals.)

Program Promotes:
Fats, oil and grease breakdown, reduces odors/ BOD/TSS/solids, decreased turbidity and increases oxygen levels.

Customized Programs


The IMR Lagoon System team provides a comprehensive program of:

  • Turn-Key Service
  • Chemistry
  • Expertise
  • Equipment

We will do an extensive field survey of your lagoons, which will include:
Current Treatment Product(s)
Average Daily Flow
Number of Lift Stations
Aquatic Vegetation
Significant Industrial Users
Regulatory Permit Violations
Odor Issues

Why Choose Us?


  • Up to 10% to 20% reduction of sludge within the first year
  • Reduces odors associated with imbalanced lagoons
  • Reduces the total cost of operating.
  • Reduces CBOD/ ammonia/phosphorous
  • Reduces Green House Gas Emissions
  • Increases dissolved oxygen within two to 10 days
  • Increases oxidation reduction potential, reducing algae growth
  • Steady improvement in effluent quality, elimination of pathogens
  • IMR Systems does ALL of the work for your lagoon wastewater plant.
  • We provide 2 sludge judge tests, odor inoculation treatment, the daily chemistry, bi-monthly maintenance, and generate two progress reports per year.

Have a mechanical plant? We can help!