Ron Griffin, Director of Utilities - Doniphan, MO

"IMR Systems presented a proposal to our city for an injection program to provide pre-treatment of their product to the headworks of the city wastewater collection system. After consulting with our engineers and DNR, the city decided to accept their proposal. The treatment system was installed by representative of the company and a surface treatment of the product was applied to initiate the action to the primary and secondary cells of our lagoons.

The results are in and we are very pleased to state the Hydrozyme and Odor Out have made a very positive impact on our facility. Test results of BOD, DO, TSS, along with the O&G group, have confirmed that the application DOES work.

The program keeps our wastewater facility test results well under state limitations. Periodic visits to our facility from IMR representatives continue to make certain that our system is in working order.

The City of Doniphan is very pleased with IMR Systems and highly recommends their products to wastewater lagoon facilities that may have concerns of meeting current stringent limitations."

Alan Patterson, WW Superintendent – Bellevue, MI

“We began using the lagoon program in 2008. Odor at the plant was noticeably less after the first day, grease build up was less after one week. Our primary maintained a consistent D.O. of 1.0 ppm. We now maintain a D.O. of 33 ppm in the primary. We also have been able to shut the blower off 8-12 hours a day and saved 60-75 kilowatts daily. We are very satisfied."

John Osborn, City Manager - Yale, MI

"The City of Yale has been on the lagoon program since 2010. This working relationship the treatment of our lagoon system for the enhancement of the biological components of the lagoons. During this time, we have seen vast improvements in the testing results of the lagoons. I would encourage every community to consider forming a working relationship with this program as I believe you will be pleased with the result."

Jeff Warren - Superintendent - Peck, MI

"The lagoon program sludge treatments have been very effective in reducing sludge depth in the influent cells #1 & #2.

Cell #1 has an average depth of 7.6". Cell #2 has an average of 3.4". Both cells are down considerably from the 2008 measurements of 10.5 and 9.2 on Sept. 23, 2015."

Terry Engelhardt, Foreman - Village of Birch Run , MI

" I just wanted to thank you for the great service your company has provided to the Village of Birch Run over the last eight (8) years. Whenever there was an issue with water quality or odor your company responded as quick as possible. 

This is a service that you have always provided and the Village has appreciated. I look forward to the Village working with you for any future issues that may arise with our wastewater treatment. Thank You!"

Duane Dressler, Superintendent - Village of Sebewaing, MI

"We started using this program in March of 2007. The objective was to help control the spring turnover of the lagoons after ice has melted off. Another goal was to reduce the Suspended Solids during our fall discharge season. The enzymes are added to our wastewater upstream to our wet well. The wet well has benefited by greatly reducing sludge and grease build up. The lagoons have seen reduced sludge accumulations with increased Dissolved Oxygen levels, which in turn helps promote photosynthesis which helps with the natural biological process of Lagoons. It has reduced the turnover time from two weeks to 3 days. We now have a healthy collection system."